Italian Good Living | Ca’ Milone – A fascinating country house… to catch in time!

Ca’ Milone – A fascinating country house… to catch in time!

If you decide to sleep between the vineyards of Ca’ Milone, only one noise can seal you: the one of a helicopter, landed to take you to discover the Prosecco lands, UNESCO heritage.

This welcoming relais, surrounded by 10 hectares of vineyards, 140 olive trees, groves, a lake and the relais has evert comfort. It is managed by Francesca Braida and Ludovica, one of her daughters. But it is the husband, Pierpaolo Becich, who narrates me the story that curiously ties him to flying. At the beginning of the 20th century the relais was possession of the engineer’s Renato Mornandi family, who in 1926 launched the first civil airport with the name of Ala Littoria.

Here, in San Pietro di Faletto, a few km from Conegliano, the family used to come to the countryside and sojourned there during the years of the second World War. In 1956 Pierpaolo’s maternal grandad, general director of the CIGA – great hotels company – bought the property to come and hunt. Him and his wife did not enjoy the property much since they traveled a lot for work.

But Pierpaolo did notice the potentiality of the land: between 1993 and 1994 he starts to renovate the structure and 10 years later his wife Francesca grasps that “this house on a hill which dominates for 360° the landscape of a soft countryside, the one around Conegliano, famous for its wines and especially for Prosecco” is perfect to welcome people. So, it becomes a B&B with rooms and not only that: there is the opportunity to host events, weddings, work launches and meetings. “During the pandemic many things have changed, people do not want rooms anymore, so some of them we have transformed into holiday houses” they told me.

To Pierpaolo’s foresight and Francesca’s intuition it must be added the desires and vocations of two of their daughters. Lodovica is passionate about cooking, she studied to become a chef and had some experience in Costa Azzurra only to come back and open the Home Restaurant “The secret garden” in the old stall next to the major house where she organizes the show cooking, cooking courses and theme soirées; Marella, on the other hand, graduated in cultural tourism sciences and techniques just a few months ago, with a thesis which analyzed the tourist flight perspective, demonstrating that the helicopter does not pollute and everything is much closer, with destinations that are easy to reach.

From Friuli to Tuscany, from Garda Lake to Emilia Romagna – says Pierpaolo – we have created a series of alliances with other realities which have a heliport, so that we can offer our guests with the possibility of visiting fascinating historical dwellings and doing food & wine and cultural tours”. From the above we can see very well the spins of the ten hectares of vineyard which enrich Ca’ Milone: certified Sqpi grapes, the quality system of the integrated production meant to reduce to the minimum the impact on the environment and on the health of the consumers. The Count Becich family, who already dealt with wines in the Island of Istria, in Prenzo, their birth place, they cure the vineyards but sell the grapes to local companies; only starting from the next year they are going to have a limited number of their own bottles.
A swimming pool between the garden facing the villa and the first spin makes the staying enjoyable for the youngest, while a close lake with a spring allows to admire 5 types of dragonflies, fishes, frogs and also some cranes. “Our clients most attached come from Germany, France, Holland, Austria and other European countries – says Francesca – and can enjoy different types of rooms, all of them furnished with vintage furniture: the Rose’s Room, the Do not forget about me room, the primrose room. Moreover, the holiday house, independent and autonomous, for 4 people, which develops in 2 floors for a total of almost 200 square meters”. And even if you do not have a helicopter, do not hesitate into coming to discover this magical place nestled in the Prosecco Hills.