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Its diverse dialectic names demonstrate it is a food which is widespread throughout the country. Evocative of ancient stories often intertwined with poverty; poor element of a gastronomic tradition built around the peasant table where a piece of cheese and a herring or “chained” polenta with beans and vegetables gave it flavor and made it magical.  Pulenta, polente, polenda, pulenda, pulenna, poenta, poulento, puluntu, pulienta, echtinga, carlon, fufu, porridge, …


Leading a consortium that’s unique in the world  The Consortium for the Protection of Grana Padano is a unique reality in the world: its brand represents 129 dairy producers and about 140 associates, for a total of 5 thousand stalls that produce milk, employing about 40 thousand workers in the entire sector. In terms of production, a vast and homogeneous area with a production of 34/35 million quintals of …