Italian Good Living | Loison: dream with the heart of an adult, and see the world through the eyes of a kid

Loison: dream with the heart of an adult, and see the world through the eyes of a kid

Since 1938, the Loison company has worked hard to provide its customers with healthy, tasty, and high-quality products. 

Sara Migliorini

“At the end of the year there comes a time when, usually, we reflect on what we have faced, the goals we have achieved, the experiences that have enriched us, the moments of joy, but also those of discouragement. Christmas brings back memories of earlier times and our own experiences, ready to be combined with plans for the upcoming year”.
With these words that paint the human soul with almost Pascoli-like candor and delicacy, Sonia Pilla presents the 2022 theme collection “The Tradition of the Magical Christmas”. Everything revolves around the concept of LOVE and giving without expecting anything in return.

Since the late nineties, Loison products have been recognized for their superior quality, not only based on their success in Italian and foreign markets, but also on numerous awards received from some of the most illustrious European and Italian organizations in the food and wine industry. Loison, which was founded in Motta di Costabissara, a tiny town in the province of Vicenza, has recently earned the national “Marchio storico di interesse nazionale” as well as the “Save The Brand 2022” award.

Dario Loison has been in charge of the firm since 1992, constantly keeping its handcrafted character in mind while expanding into the worldwide market. His son Edoardo, the 4th Loison generation, is now supporting him in his activities.
Dario Loison describes himself using two simple words: genius and unpredictability. His mind is constantly working and searching to push beyond boundaries. For Dario, tradition and innovation do not walk side by side, rather they are closely connected.

While he offers traditional Panettone in a wide range of flavors (the newest addition is the Licorice and Saffron Panettone Cake), he also changes it up and, with the help of his chef friends, brings it to our table throughout the year so it becomes a basic ingredient for first courses, premium meats and refined fish. That’s why Dario was able to make the Loison name renowned worldwide, whilst clearing the panettone cake from its traditional holiday role.

Simple origins, genuine products, and traditional desserts: these are the guiding principles behind the Loison family’s philosophy, 4 generations of pastry chefs started in 1938 with grandfather Tranquillo, the first to embrace the craft of bread making and the first to pass it on to dad Alessando. Together, they share the oven activity in a family firm, inaugurating a new lab in 1969.


The only collection reserved exclusively for Pandoro is dedicated to Santa Claus and his task of bringing joy to children.
There are four proposals, all weighing 1 kg: with Zabaione, creamy and intense, ideal for this soft leavened product; filled with chocolate made with highly selected South American cocoa crus; with Salted Caramel, a taste that year after year meets more and more success; Classic, in the traditional version with lots of butter and natural Mananara vanilla from Madagascar.


The trunk to be reused as a case opens the curtain on a collection of illustrations of cute puppies.
The line embraces 4 flavors Made in Loison of 500 g: the Panettone with Marron Glacé, rich in abundant glazed chestnut cream that we also find in chunks; Classic a.D. 1476, generous in candied fruit whose essential oils maintain the intensity of freshly picked fruit; with Ciaculli Late Mandarin (Slow Food Presidium); Regal Chocolate, the most delicious among the panettone thanks to the chocolate drops and the filling cream.


With this collection, a new type of packaging debuts, a box that opens from above just like a casket, completed by a bow specially designed by Sonia Design.

The collection offers 4 flavors in the 500-gram format: Amarena, exuberant and with fruity aromas; with lemons, with raisins, candied lemons and lemon cream; Regal Chocolate, sought after for the full and full-bodied taste of the cocoa-based filling; Classic a.D. 1476, soft, fragrant and very rich in candied Sicilian Oranges and Diamond Cedar.
Page 64 of the Winter 2022 catalog


The tin, now in its 16th edition, this year takes us through picturesque snow-covered streets, enriched with gift shop windows and pastry shops full of sweet delicacies. It is a tin made with 3 relief levels to give a sensorial depth, the lid of which encloses the panettone with a wreath of good wishes.
The TIN is available in 5 flavors: the traditional Classico a.D. 1476, with precious candied Sicilian Oranges, and Cedro di Diamante; NeroSale, the delicious panettone with chocolate and salted caramel that since 2018 has been a big hit with everyone, young and old; Late Mandarin of Ciaculli, Slow Food Presidium, inimitable thanks to the aromatic fragrances; Pistachio Matcha, with a heart of Bronte Dop Green Pistachio cream and covering of white chocolate and Matcha Green tea powder; Regal Cioccolato, with selected single-origin cru chocolate and chocolate cream;