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We knew that the Farchioni family had by now been involved in the agricultural sector in various ways for several generations. But, before going to visit them in person, we were not aware of how much they had invested in different agri-food sectors, from extra virgin olive oil, to wine and craft beer. All with an enviable coherence and with the ability to keep everything united and connected, which …

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Success is never an accident. This is the first thought that comes to mind after experiencing the Ulmo winery, in the territory of Menfi, on the shores of Lake Arancio, the first of the Planeta family’s wineries. In fact, the story of a family and a company that had a profound impact on the reputation and fame of Sicilian viticulture began in Ulmo. I have closely followed Planeta’s winemaking …

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It began as an archaeo-enology project, but it has also evolved over time into an excellent example of wine tourism hospitality. I’m talking about Feudo Antico, the company founded in 2004 and part of the historic Abruzzo cooperation, Cantina Tollo. In the beginning it was supposed to be an experimental project to revitalize native crops, starting from the Abruzzo classics Montepulciano, Pecorino and Passerina, included in one of the …


The vineyard covered mountains of Valtellina alone represent an extraordinary reason to visit this unique area. We know how important the landscape is in attracting tourists to a territory. Furthermore, Valtellina perhaps represents the Italian territory where the term “heroic viticulture” is totally relevant. But, to understand how this area has managed to develop an appropriate wine tourism offer, Chiuro (Sondrio) is undoubtedly a must-see, where, inside the charming …


The visit to Montelio (in Codevilla, one of the historic municipalities of Oltrepò Pavese) was primarily a human experience, but this did not detract from the viticultural and wine making values of this company. We had a great time and we were really happy with Montelio and this, without a shadow of a doubt, was thanks to Giovanna Brazzola, a volcanic person who held our attention with the history …


At a conference a few years ago I tried to interpret the value I attributed to sustainability. I described it as a ring in which each point is equidistant from the center, intended as either a point of departure or arrival. The concept I wanted to express to my audience was that in one point of that circle there could be the canon of a new economy, one in …

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Terre Gaie, which has always been committed to exalting the Euganean Hills’ local values, introduces a new line of wines with extremely innovative packaging (375 ml aluminum bottle, indestructible, light, and completely recyclable) and leaves the door open for new ways of interpreting wine without betraying its origin. There are personal life stories that could be turned into fantastic movie scripts. These are the stories about conquering incredibly difficult …


Elena Fucci has been on my radar for a really long time. I’ve followed her from afar since she began one of the most fascinating adventures in our winemaking history almost twenty years ago. Elena Fucci is, in fact, a living example of how it is possible to achieve winemaking greatness without decades of experience, but only by meeting two key requirements: the attractiveness of a place and the …