Italian Good Living | ARCONVERT: labels of the future

ARCONVERT: labels of the future

December 22, 2021

Arconvert stands out in the complex market of specialty printing papers and surpasses the competition with quality products and appealing innovations. The well-known italian company is part of the Fedrigoni Group, the Italian company that owns the fabriano brand which specializes in the production and marketing of special papers for printing, publishing, paper converting, luxury packaging, banknotes and much more.

In short, Arconvert focuses on the production of self-adhesive supplies and a wide range of paper and films for the labeling sector, of which it is considered one of the top players.
We could ask an interesting question: why is Arconvert’s work essential in today’s world? Well, today, in the digital age, almost everything is based on looks and looking good and now more than ever, the label is the most important factor, encompassing the soul of a product in a few centimeters.

Chiara Tomasi – marketing manager at Arconvert – explained that the company specializes in labeling in the wine sector, today becoming a key consultant in assisting wine companies in choosing the perfect packaging.

To be honest, Arconvert is committed to creating “tailor-made” labels, also thanks to its collaboration with designers who work to ensure that the labels produced combine competence and a privileged view of strategic targets such as the Millennials are today. An example of Arconvert’s professionalism and skill lies in its proposal of an extremely varied and diversified offer: the solutions for labeling are endless and we constantly try not to fall into the “copy effect”, that is to imitate models that have already been used and which would inevitably limit the authenticity and credibility of the company. In fact, precisely because of the importance that a label has – as mentioned previously – making a mistake with one “has powerful repercussions on the image and positioning of a product” explains Tomasi.

It is therefore evident that the services offered by this company must always be of high quality, which is why Arconvert also engages in training activities, such as the one with the Mach Foundation or with PoliDesign at the Polytechnic University of Milan. At the same time, the company is concerned about sustainability and is therefore committed in this respect: almost all the papers are FSC certified, and many are obtained from recycled natural fibers or cellulose deriving from plants that renew themselves annually such as linen, cotton, bamboo, sugar cane, etc. Furthermore, all the papers always have ongoing investment in research a priori, in order to guarantee the maximum yield on the materials.

Examples of this innovation are:

  • The Immaculate line for paper intended for the production of labels for extra virgin olive oil and high-end cosmetics.
  • The Carrierate paper obtained with an extrusion process that allows the reduction of the “memory effect” of the paper and the guarantee that the label remains attached to the bottle. Another project that deserves a mention is the production of labels with a soft touch effect – without additional films – and waterproof papers, essential for bubbles.
  • The Soft Touch range, which appeals to the consumer’s senses, is particularly interesting. It is a line that invites the touch and gaze of the consumer: an original idea that helps it to stand out in a competitive market. The collection features four natural papers made from pure chlorine-free cellulose and a lamination film.
  • The distinctive feature of the colors is that they are prepared in the mixture and not on the surface. The line also includes the new Soft Touch, a soft and velvety lamination of only 17 μ, suitable for any type of label in the cosmetic sector or in the food and beverage sector. It is a luxury material because it allows you to create Soft Touch effect labels in any color.

Obviously, if one thing leads to another, it is useful to underline that Arconvert, in addition to labels, is also an excellent promoter of the companies it collaborates with: Chiara Tomasi explains that the company has various “branches in other parts of the world, such as the USA and Brazil”. Fairs are a useful place to take the most important references and having high-end references backing you up is a positive note not only for customers, but also for wineries that benefit from free advertising.

In addition to promotion, at the same time Arconvert also deals with security and, with the Securtack brand, the company has started producing stickers containing security elements to make stamps and passports in the brand protection sector to protect products from forgery and falsification.

Securtack is a catalog, a selection of 19 self-adhesive products including the new RFID nanotechnologies that boast three advantages: each chip has a unique exclusive code, they are automatic and are incremental because the information contained in the tag can be modified and updated as needed. Arconvert – we can say with pride – is an all-Italian company and one of the top players in its sector. It stands out for its originality and quality of products without being commonplace, always managing to produce quality products that are appealing and innovative.