Italian Good Living | Discovering the real Italy through the wine routes

Discovering the real Italy through the wine routes

Wine tourism in Italy allows visitors not only to have incredible experiences, but also to gain a deeper knowledge of our country’s cultural, historical, and artistic diversity.

Italy may be explored in a variety of ways: through art, history, and nature. But if you want to dig deeper, to discover our country’s most authentic essence, you need to follow the wine routes.

I believe the term “wine tourism” is probably oversimplified. Wine tourism is more than simply visiting vineyards to sample wines: it’s also about learning about the history of territories, communities, and traditions that have left their imprint on the world and made Italy famous across the world. For this reason, becoming wine tourists means becoming explorers of a more intimate Italy made up of small historic villages, of rural areas characterized by unique landscapes, and having the opportunity to meet women and men who have bravely invested even in the most remote and less known parts of our nation.

Wine is an exceptional ambassador for Italy; maybe the greatest since it can convey our country’s narrative in all of its dimensions – both the “material” (typical products, territories, and landscapes) and the “immaterial” aspects (culture, history, and traditions). This is because wine is the earth’s product with the largest number of evocative characteristics that profoundly comprehend Italy’s genuine character. An Italy that is marked by an extraordinary range of sceneries. 

It is no coincidence, therefore, that the Italy of wine is characterized by over 500 designations of origin, about 1,500 indigenous vines and no Italian area without a distinctive wine.

This remarkable oenological diversity is, in reality, a reflection of Italy’s extraordinary cultural and historical richness. A diversity that is our country’s strength, and it’s a big part of what makes Italy so appealing as a tourist destination. 

In conclusion, being a wine tourist in Italy means fully embracing this diversity and allowing oneself to be amazed every day by the amount of beauty our country can produce. It’s more than just sipping an Italian wine; it opens up a universe of stories and feelings that we all desire to experience at least once in our lives.

By Fabio Piccoli