Italian Good Living | Seiterre’s Morfeo Trento DOC

Seiterre’s Morfeo Trento DOC

By Giovanna Romeo

A classic method truly well made, realized without any homogenization to the other sparkling wines.

Morfeo is a Trento DOC that encloses the knowing of the entire trentino viticulture and, in particular, the Vallagariana – in the shade of Castello di Avio –, the Chardonnay, the grape selection and the work on vineyards that has the solidity of more than 100 years of history.

Seiterre is the recent narration of a family dedicated to the vineyards, to a viticulture path that finds full accomplishment in numerous etiquettes but mostly in Morfeo Trento DOC.

The Chardonnay explodes inside the mouth and becomes ambassador of a territory, of a taste that dialogues with the present, the vulnerability of the personal choices and it is built on emotions that move from the vineyards to the cellar.

A pleasure triumph, a complex sparkling wine that vibrates on the palate like in a free travel to discover intimately. We could list the orange flower, the bread, the ginger and the cinnamon perfume. We could highlight the lavish minerality, its fresh being and nothing would distract us from its profoundness and length. Mountain wines, able to create emotions.

It can adapt to every meal, served at a 8° temperature in flute with long stem and profound cup.