Italian Good Living | Viglione Wine Resort: exclusivity a stone’s throw from Matera and Altamura

Viglione Wine Resort: exclusivity a stone’s throw from Matera and Altamura

By Sara Stangoni

The traditional primitivo vineyard of the estate greets you at the entry to the Viglione Wine Resort: its longevity of more than 80 years attests to an uninterrupted family tradition.
Growing up as a sapling, as is typical in the area, it is tended to over and again by Antonietta, Giovanni Zullo’s mother, and harvested entirely by hand. This brand-new Tenuta Viglione resort in Santeramo in Colle, which opened this summer close to the winery and surrounded by vines on the Murge plateau, is a whole new Tenuta Viglione proposal. A stunning early twentieth-century Apulian farmhouse that has been completely renovated with the intention of preserving the natural sandstone while maintaining a sense of class and harmony.

Staying at the Viglione resort instantly reveals the deep connection with the wineries. Here, time slows down to allow for the rhythms of nature, making this the ideal location for anyone seeking complete relaxation.

The driving principle is the gradual and unending flow of time. Understanding how to wait allows you to enjoy every gesture and moment without feeling rushed.
“Time flies when we devote it to the things that matter most to us”, Giovanni Zullo says. “This was true for my grandparents, then for my parents, and now it is true for me. My family has worked in these vineyards for over a century, with love and commitment, fulfilling what began as a modest goal and evolved into a magnificent reality, which we proudly convey every day in our wines”.

The Viglione Wine Resort’s strength is its exclusivity: a small number of rooms, calm outdoor spaces, and an ideal family ambiance. The titles of the rooms are all inspired by natural vines: Negroamaro, Primitivo, Verdeca, Rosato, Nero di Troia, and Falanghina.
From the moment you arrive, you want to be immersed in the true Puglia ambiance. The large rooms open onto sunny areas and are created in the style of the farm’s previous site. You may unwind in the swimming pool or in the garden with views of the countryside. In the morning, a delicious and hearty breakfast greets you, with classic dishes, both sweet and savory, as well as home-cooked food. The restaurant will open soon to round out the gastronomic offerings.

If you want to add an experience, let Annalisa, the dedicated resident manager, advise you. You can plan your own wine tasting itinerary at Tenuta Viglione, complete with local cuisine and guided tours of the cellar and vineyards. Alternatively, you can go for a horseback ride or take a tour of surrounding historical and cultural attractions. The area’s most picturesque spots are only a short drive away: Matera is only 15 kilometers distant, and Gioia del Colle is only 20 minutes away. The same path will take you to Altamura’s ancient center, where you will be guided by the aroma of its delicious PDO bread, which is famous all over the globe. It’s worth planning a visit to the historic stone ovens, which are still in use, and listening to the bakers tell fascinating stories.

The Murgia is a little-known place that might surprise you with its unexpected surprises. In this place, the feeling of suspended time only allows for pleasure. Sitting by the pool or on the veranda, you will experience a sense of calm at the Viglione Wine Resort, and even a refreshing wind might accompany the warm summer evenings. It becomes even more unique when paired with a glass of Verdeca Brut, the estate’s Italian technique derived from this local Murgia grape. Alternatively, you can taste their most prized wine, the Primitivo Riserva “Marpione”, which is derived, among other places, from the same old vineyard at the entry.
A deep ruby red wine, with a strong and decisive character, ready to release spicy notes, fruit, flowers and licorice in the glass. A “Marpione” who sure “knows a lot”, it’s true. But this time, you won’t mind letting yourself be seduced.