Italian Good Living | Cantina Toblino: center of wine tourism, gastronomy and sustainability

Cantina Toblino: center of wine tourism, gastronomy and sustainability

Cantina Toblino, a wine cellar nestled in Villa Dei Laghi finds its peace and success between tourism, nature, Hosteria Toblino and sustainability.

By Veronica Zin

Valle dei Laghi represents the perfect entrance to the Trentino territory.

In an appealing valley, where the mountains jealously look after the vineyards that benefit from the warm wind of the Garda Lake and the cold breeze of the Dolomites, Cantina Toblino stands out as an amazing example of a wine cellar that benefits from being right in the heart of tourist activity. 

Given the number of natural and sporting attractions, Valle dei Laghi is actually one of the most sought-after locations.

Windsurfing, kitesurfing, sailing, and other water sports enthusiasts, mountain bike addicts, and daring rock climbers find bliss in this region.

However, what is being showcased today is a wine cellar, or more specifically, The Wine Cellar, Cantina Toblino, which makes Valle dei Laghi a popular wine tourism destination.

Cantina Toblino is one of the most virtuous wine cooperatives in our Country. The Nosiola is the driving force behind the Vino Santo Trentino Doc, one of the most esteemed straw wines in both Italy and the rest of the world.

This company, which is firmly carried out by 650 colleagues who manage an abundance of 850 hectares, offers tasting paths capable of allowing varied target typologies to grasp the vineyard personality of this location. The wine tourist experience at Cantina Toblino is further enhanced by exquisite settings like the Sala Argilla, which features an endless counter designated for sampling, and a lovely private room with walls made of old barrel staves.

In addition to this already perfect description, Cantina Toblino decided to invest in a catering project: this is how Hosteria Toblino was born. Hosteria Toblino is the cornerstone of the cellar’s wine tourism offer and a point of reference of the Trentino culinary art.

Sebastian Sartorelli, the Hosteria’s head chef, meticulously strikes a balance between innovation, modernity, and heritage, making it shine.

Because the interaction between wine, food service, and tourism is crucial to transmitting the image of a firm and of a place in its whole, this initiative is crucial to the reputation of the entire Valle Dei Laghi.

If the high-quality wines, gorgeous landscape, and exquisite meals aren’t enough to impress you, you should know that the Hosteria Toblino has been declared  “one small treasure of sustainable design”.

The firm strives to be a greener organization every day with sustainability as one of its driving principles.

For instance, Cantina Toblino launched a significant initiative in late 2020 with the aim of preserving the biodiversity inside the vines and fusing sustainability and the biological to the social effect.

Cantina Toblino’s executive director, Carlo de Biasi, highlighted the importance of sustainability: “Wine tourism is an essential part of our communication because it enables us to directly convey to our visitors our continued commitment to the highest standards of environmental protection and wine quality”.

The ultimate validation of Carlo de Biasi’s and his team’s commitment came in March, when Cantina Toblino received a commendation for being “a reference point for the Valle Dei Laghi viticulture” at the 12th Edition of the Le Fonti Awards.

This flow of success does not stop here; rather, it grows larger and wider, as evidenced by Cantina Toblino’s receipt of one platinum medal – for the Largiller 2013 -, one gold medal – for L’Ora 2016 – and six silver medals – for the Baticòr 2018, the Foll 2019, the Vent Extra Brut 2017, the Pràal 2019, the Da For a Manzoni 2019, and the Elimar 2016.