Italian Good Living | Loison: a sweet and unpredictable success story

Loison: a sweet and unpredictable success story

Simple origins, genuine products, and traditional desserts. These are the guiding principles behind the Loison family’s philosophy, 4 generations of pastry chefs started in 1938 with grandfather Tranquillo, the first to embrace the craft of bread making and the first to pass it on to dad Alessando. Together, they share the oven activity in a family firm, inaugurating a new lab in 1969.

Dario Loison has been in charge of the company since 1992, maintaining its handcrafted nature always with an eye to the future even as it develops into the global market. For the past few months, Dario Loison’s son Edoardo, the 4th Loison generation, has been supporting him in this attempt.

The loison sweets are manufactured with old yeast obtained by spontaneous fermentation, from which the fresh yeast necessary for all of the many creations is obtained on a daily basis.

Time is the essential component that distinguishes Loison. The products’ uniqueness lies in their adherence to lengthy and sluggish times: a leavened takes 72 hours to complete.

Loison employs Presidi Slow ingredients such as Ciaculli’s Mandarino Tardivo, Vaniglia Mananara from Madagascar, Bronte’s Pistacchio, Sciroppo di Rose Liguri, and Chinotto di Savona.

Loison is instantly recognizible thanks to its innovative packagings, which are studied and projected by Sonia Pilla, Dario Loison’s wife, and marked with the distinctive Sonia Design signature. Sonia’s designs freed the packaging from its typical Christmas and Easter tones in favor of colors that can be adapted to any season, as Loison’s goods are not necessarily tied to the holidays, but can be enjoyed anytime and everywhere, bringing a purely Made in Italy tradition to the table.

The Loison packages are revised every year, with more selected offers in terms of shapes, materials, and colors, all in accordance with ideals such as refinement and excellent taste sought by an increasingly demanding market.
Loison’s success is based on the combination of tradition and modernity, on the revival of old recipes while also paying attention to contemporary tastes, on the use of fine ingredients and cutting-edge manufacturing processes.

By Sara Migliorini