Italian Good Living | Oil Meridian: Italian EVOO around the world!

Oil Meridian: Italian EVOO around the world!

May 3, 2022


Wine Meridian’s project kicks off to promote Italian extra virgin olive oil, with a portal dedicated to news, tastings, training and communication services, experiences and company excellence.

By Claudia Meo

The Italian olive-oil supply chain provides a product that is regarded as a global symbol. With a varietal legacy of over 500 cultivars and over 50 PDO and PGI goods, Italy boasts an unrivaled blend of culture, history, geographical and climatic diversity, and a strong economic and tourist appeal.
Quality oil is inextricably linked to a value system that emphasizes health, well-being, and sustainability (aspects that are slowly but steadily rising up the scale of consumer desires).

We are delighted to cut the ribbon on this new project, which will help Evoo oil firms in their quest for development and expansion, both in the domestic market and on the international stage.

Oil Meridian wishes to become an advocate for the Italian Evoo with the enthusiasm that defines it since this issue strikes its most emotional chords. We believe there is much to be done in terms of communication, event organization, resource training, and company accompaniment beyond national borders.
In a market characterized by deadly counterfeiting, the internal consumer’s developmental path still has a long way to go, and knowledge of the “worth” of quality oil must be able to engage in a higher gear. In our opinion, the production of fine oil demands and deserves encouragement and trust.

The Evo oil market retains the characteristics of a niche industry, and while it must not lose the connotation of refinement, in order to obtain the attention it deserves, it must expand culturally and professionally to be able to communicate effectively.

The offer is still very much pulverized; on the human resources front, there is a strong need for specialization; in terms of profitability, there is an undeniable difficulty in recognizing quality in the pricing; the value perceived by the consumer needs further cultural growth; the certification and tracking mechanism is still insufficient to promote the high territorial diversification; Italian Evo oil must be adequately introduced on the international level, and Italian companies must be allowed to cross national boundaries at a profitable rate.

These are only a few of the supply chain issues that may contribute immensely to the competitiveness of our food and wine industry and the overall country system, with an emphasis on the potential of our tourist sector.

Follow Oil Meridian on this new voyage to discover its out-of-the-box strategy, which begins with the territory, the product, and the people, a vital trinomial of that quality that the rest of the world continues to admire!