Italian Good Living | Terra Moretti Vino, an outstanding company that thrives on its human resources

Terra Moretti Vino, an outstanding company that thrives on its human resources

In the last two years, the Group headed by the family of Vittorio Moretti has recorded absolutely extraordinary results, the result of the excellent work of the management headed by the CEO Massimo Tuzzi.

Fabio Piccoli

Terra Moretti has six wineries in three regions, for six different ways of experiencing beauty. Bellavista and Contadi Castaldi in Franciacorta, the estates of Petra and Acquagiusta Tenuta la Badiola in Maremma, Teruzzi in San Gimignano and Sella & Mosca in Sardinia.

In a number of sports, the topic of which is more crucial—the driver or the vehicle (or motorcycle)—is frequently raised. Or in team sports like football, basketball, and volleyball, one can ponder how much more important the coach is in comparison to the players.
These questions are less frequently asked when it comes to businesses. How crucial are managers and human resources to a company’s success or failure?
The answer to this last question can be found by observing the companies within them, trying to understand the reasons for their results.

I was thinking about this before meeting Massimo Tuzzi, CEO of Terra Moretti Vino and Holding Terra Moretti since 2020. Just over two years at the helm of one of the best known wine groups in our country with prestigious brands of the caliber of Bellavista, Sella & Mosca, Contadi Castaldi, Petra, just to mention the most famous.
Tuzzi managed to achieve exceptional accomplishments in a short period of time, which takes on even greater significance when considering the difficulty of the previous two years.
In 2021, the group headed by the Moretti family had closed the year with net revenues of 78.6 million euros (+48% on 2020 and +23% on 2019). An excellent result that placed the Terra Moretti Group, as highlighted in the Mediobanca annual report, in third place in relation to the greatest increases in turnover in 2021, behind only Tenute Piccini (+61% on 2020) and the Lunelli Group (+ 57.6%).

But for those who think that these were results resulting from the so-called “rebound” effect, after the anomalous year of 2020 marked by the strong impact of the pandemic, they will have to think again because 2022 is also closing for the group from Erbusco (Brescia) with further significant growth that consolidates the trend.
And if therefore one year a “lucky” chance could appear (luck can be a good ally but it will never make a competitive company by itself) this year’s growth confirms the goodness of the strategies set up by Tuzzi and his team.

I have often met the CEO of Terra Moretti in these two years and the thing that has always pleasantly impressed me is his placing before all the value of the team, human resources and skills. I think it is the wine manager who, in my unfortunately long professional experience, has put the issue of human resources before that of the product.
Attention, this does not mean that the qualitative identity of a product is not an extraordinarily important factor for a winery, but by itself it will never be sufficient to decree its success.
And Massimo Tuzzi is well aware of the need to build a winning mix of factors where the women and men of the company take on a decisive role in making it competitive.

“We are very satisfied with how 2022 is also closing – Tuzzi explains to me – which testifies to how in these two years we have managed to build solid foundations that are allowing us to grow significantly again this year. Excellent revenues, but even more profitability, in fact we will close with an Ebitda of around 18 million. And all this – Tuzzi is keen to point out – despite the fact that not only are we facing a phase of global economic crisis, but as a group we have implemented considerable investments; only Sella & Mosca has undertaken the renewal of 180 hectares of vineyards”.

I ask Tuzzi if he can highlight the main reason for such significant and solid growth.

“I think that whatever moment of crisis arises, having a strong and cohesive team by your side is a fundamental element for harmonious and effective growth. Positive leaders, who know how to recognize and motivate talents, capable of helping others to express all the potential they are capable of, and who can establish a serene and collaborative atmosphere in the company.
From there, the stimulus of “never the same”.
An encouraging environment must not be a comfort zone, but must become a place for creativity, thought and courage. With this sentiment we released positive energies and worked together on new strategies. People haven’t changed, but our way of being together has changed. However, all of this would not have been possible without an enlightened property, such as that of Vittorio Moretti’s family, which is constantly close to us and is committed not only from a financial point of view, but also and above all by contributing with new opportunities and enthusiasm.

Surely one of the most relevant aspects of the new course of the Terra Moretti Group is that of having managed to give a precise, distinct and clear identity to each brand. In this direction, Contadi Castaldi fits in, today the spokesman of his clear and precise identity, which has given the brand the role of one of the most authoritative and credible realities of Franciacorta, both from the production point of view (thanks to the definitive consecration of Gianluca Uccelli, who in addition to being one of the most knowledgeable Italian oenologists, Massimo Tuzzi himself appointed general manager) and image. For Bellavista, among the points scored by Tuzzi since his appointment in Terra Moretti, there is certainly the arrival of Richard Geoffroy, as mentor and cellar master alongside Francesca Moretti and her team, committed to a year in the construction of the future of Bellavista.
But the imprint of the new management of the Group is making itself felt in all the realities of Terra Moretti including the Tuscan estates which are registering important “commercial” growth also thanks to a much clearer and more authoritative identity and image.

Given the great growth of these two years, what then is the most complex future challenge for the Terra Moretti Group?

“Perceiving our absolutely artisanal soul – concludes Tuzzi – where all our products are the result of great dexterity and qualified skills. Where technology is a very important tool, but always at the service of men and nature. And to ensure that knowledge is handed down, that ancestral gestures in the countryside and in the cellar are constantly repeated, that excellent wines continue to be produced and that the markets respond with enthusiasm, it is essential to continue investing in people and merit. Words such as young people, integration, well-being of the individual, respect for diversity, positive leadership and a sense of belonging must become the leitmotif of all our actions. I would like our companies to be a place where young talent aspires to work and where experienced workers continue to find inspiration and motivation. A goal for Terra Moretti, but in general a challenge for the entire wine sector; so that our sector can truly represent a model to strive for, where the virtuous circle that unites people, territories and results is the tangible emblem of real sustainability.”