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Ambassadors of the Italian Toast

No type or blend was excluded by the Bubble’s Italia Magazine taste team when it came to finding the one hundred Ambassadors of the Italian Toast 2021.

With the aim of establishing itself more and more as a reference point for this type of wine, Bubble’s continues to give shape to unique projects and opportunities for growth and affirmation dedicated to the world of Italian sparkling wine. This type of wine symbolizes winemaking italy as a leader in the field of the italian method to the whole world.

Prosecco, in all its forms, as well as lambrusco are well known for their domination at a European level and increasingly at a world level. But Italian sparkling wine is also growing at a fast pace in the production of the classic method, using both international and indigenous varieties with increasingly tangible and surprising results.

In light of an increasingly complex and multifaceted landscape able to best accommodate consumer tastes, Bubble’s has put together a team of expert palates. Over the past year sparkling wines have been tasted from one end of Italy to the other, including the islands. The labels tasted went from those refermented in the bottle to Italian and classic methods; there were no limits to the duration of the refinements on the yeasts, to the colors or to the dosages.Today, the Italian sparkling wine industry finds a voice that celebrates it and talks about it in “Bubble’s Italia Magazine”. The real purpose of these tastings was to highlight the production of sparkling wines: a production of excellence that we hope will further increase its reputation and contribute even more to affirming the quality of Made in Italy around the world.

“This fantastic journey – explains Andrea Zanfi – began in January 2020, just after the National Spumantitalia Festival ended. And it is precisely on this journey that we have had an opportunity to identify both well-known and undiscovered treasures, finding in the course of tastings great products and new innovations, challenges as well as great opportunities.” Hence the idea of the Ambassadors of the Italian Toast: “A careful selection – Zanfi emphasizes – which is identified not only with the extrinsic quality of the product, but also with the risk associated with its creation, for the individuality that distinguishes it and for the typicity that defines its value”.

It will be the third edition of the Spumantitalia Festival, the first entirely dedicated to Italian sparkling wines and signed by “Bubble’s”, an occasion in which the selection of ambassadors will receive space and visibility. On this occasion, in the course of guided master classes, many of the labels boasting the title of Ambassador of the Italian Toast will be tasted in contexts studied ad hoc to evaluate the different types and their typical characteristics. These provide unique opportunities to appreciate the excellence of our country up close in a precise discovery in the glass.

In this same context, the selection for the 2022 Ambassadors has already begun. Our tasters already have their glasses in hand, guided by intuition, experience and enthusiasm,

always looking for confirmation and on the hunt for innovation. Italian sparkling wine producers who would like to find out how to participate in the tastings for the 2022 selection with their own labels can simply contact the team at Ambassadors of the Italian Toast (Ambasciatori del Brindisi Italiano) (

The complete list of the 100 Ambassadors of the Italian Toast 2021 can be found on the website